Civic-oriented Virginia blog joins TBD network—plus thoughts on W. Post and Georgetown Dish

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imageI’ve poked at the TBD hyperlocal site for not having enough civic-oriented blogs in its network—the Washington area is heavier on hobby-focused sites.

As a citizen-reader, I suggested to contacts at TBD and the Washington Post that they take a good look at the Lincolnia Hills & Heywood Glen blog in the Alexandria-Fairfax County area across I-395 from me.

Well, on its own, maybe spurred on by a recent Scandals item, the Lincolnia Hills blog has joined the TBD network. That means TBD will routinely carry links to it, including meaty items on development controversies. Congrats, everyone!

Now to see what becomes of another TBD affiliate, the Georgetown Dish, owned by my friend Beth Solomon (no family connection with the sleaze with the same last name in The Solomon Scandals).

The Dish is a good example of hyperlocal done well without a huge budget, and a purchase by the Post would be one way to get a feel for the blogging scene—more or less right in the paper’s own backyard.

What I like about the Dish, beyond the eye-catching site, is its fixation on the needs and interests of Georgetown’s citizens—the mix of the serious and the frivolous. Hey, the Post could do worse than to follow the example of AOL, recent purchaser of TechCrunch, although I suspect Beth’s price would be a lot cheaper than the rumored $30M or so that tech blog fetched.

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