‘The Solomon Scandals’ gets a sexy new cover—with a photo from one of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s favorites

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image What was Sy Solomon—the D.C. real estate tycoon in The Solomon Scandals—-doing on the book’s blue cover shown here? Picking up a refrigerator with one hand? Or a gargantuan keyboard? Or plunking down a high-rise in a favorite location, with a little help from well-bribed zoning officials?

The correct answer is the last one. But it wasn’t clear enough, so Twilight Times Books is junking the old cover in favor of a new one with a sexy photograph from Robert Farber. Please note that copies with the new cover are not in all the bookstores yet, so go by what a store is advertising.

There’s a story behind the photo. Twilight Times and I found it in the wild through Google Images without knowing in the slightest that Robert is a prize-winning photographer whom Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis discovered for Doubleday, which then published a collection of his. You might say the new cover is respectable-sexy, with the possible sin only hinted at.


  1. Glad you like the new version, Tom. As I wrote a friend, I think that the CIA could have used the old cover to hide documents. No one wanted to crack open the book to see what was inside.



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