Whitey Bulger: The mobster as an avid reader and history buff

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image“He would fit in well here.” – Chronicle of Higher Education commenter quoting a CNN report on just-captured mobster Whitey Bulger: “An ‘avid reader with an interest in history,’ Bulger was known to frequent libraries and historic sites, the FBI said. “

Whitey’s brother, William, aka “Billy,” spent years as a university president, not just a politician, and never ratted on his bro.

For good measure, William is a past president and ex-trustee of the Boston Public Library.

I won’t pass judgment on Billy Bulger, but if the FBI report is accurate about Whitey, so much for books and culture as absolutely dependable elevators of morality.

Lest academics and librarians feel offended, let me add that Bulger and his girlfriend were also said to be animal lovers. And of course we know what a lovable father Joe Soprano was.

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