How to enjoy a preview of ‘Scandals’ in iPad-style splendor—and what this means for geeks, book publishers, authors and news people

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Update, Nov. 5, 2010: I’ve disabled the iPad mode for the moment but will probably bring it back when I have more time to experiment. I still love the idea. – D.R.


image Own an iPad? Go to this post if you’re not reading it on your Pad already.

In iPad-style splendor, you can see an overview of The Solomon Scandals (Twilight Times Books). Also enjoy sample chapters, an author bio, and some slightly obsolete buying information for the trade paperback and electronic editions. Not mentioned is that Scandals is on sale at the Apple Store via iBooks (as well as at the Kindle Store or through Barnes & Noble’s e-book arm).

This is an experiment with a new WordPress plug-in called PadPressed, which lacks all the Web navigation features that will eventually show up. Also, social media features may or may work. but look, in effect, I’m giving you a preview not just of the book but also of the future. To think that I wrote the first draft of Scandals on an electric typewriter.

For geeks and news people: PadPressed is significant since it makes a Web site look like an iPad app. This concept has possibilities not just for publishers and authors, but also for the news media. No need to ask for the Apple App Store’s blessing! As we know from past censorship of a Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, the Store is hardly a champion of freedom of the press. While you don’t need to sell through the store now, this is potentially one more attractive way to reach iPad owners.

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