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image What? A Web site about a novel—and yet here’s a series of articles on hyperlocal journalism?

My explanation: The Solomon Scandals itself is a dark and highly fictionalized look at the newspaper industry as it existed in the late 20th century after Watergate. But the pesky issues persist in real life—for example: Just how trustworthy are newspapers? And how about the perennials such as the conflict between friendship and duty, especially in a place like D.C.?

Rather than just rant on and on about the obvious, I thought it would be more constructive and interesting to come up with solutions, such as a reinvention of local coverage. Hence the hyperlocal series. At the same time, you’ll find basics about the novel—everything from an overview and character list to a Q & A with my protagonist and a continuation of it, a long Rothman bio that along the way depicts the social milieu in which I’ve set Scandals. A shorter version of the bio is here. Scandals is on sale at Amazon and elsewhere and was required reading in a history course recently at George Washington University. (1969 photo taken by the late Jack Weir.)

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