Cover blonde vanishing from Solomon Scandals’s digital edition: Too sexy?

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imageYour wisdom, please, readers. Did you think that the blonde woman on the cover of The Solomon Scandals‘s electronic edition was too sexy? For now, we’re reverting to the original cover, shown in the e-book ad on the right. A giant Sy Solomon is plunking down a wildly unwanted skyscraper that he bribed an obliging zoning board to allow.

No telling which cover you’ll get if you buy from Amazon. The transition is still underway, and the actual file might not match up with the cover shown on the page about the book.

The reason for the change? Experimentation after feedback from a friend. Twilight Times Books and I wonder if the bedroom setting, even a tame one, might scare off some fans of suspense and literary fiction.

The blonde woman shown there is integral to the plot, mind you. And for now, she is still on the cover of the paperback.

But will she vanish from the p-book, too? Maybe in time. So if you want a possible collector’s item, here’s your chance.

I myself appreciate the photo, taken by one of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s favorite photographers. So does my publisher. But what really counts is the novel itself, so we’ll scandalously bow to the gods of commerce in hopes of expanding the book’s audience.

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