‘I write like William Shakespeare’: Paste ‘The Solomon Scandals’ into this Web form and see for yourself

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imageDo you have the nerve to think that The Solomon Scandals isn’t Shakespearean in style?

Hah! Just paste my foreword and first three chapters into a Web form on the ”I Write Like” site—and see for yourself. Even a blog post from the Scandals site can be Shakespearean. Try How TBD could use hyperlocal journalism to kick the Washington Post’s butt.

Gosh, I’d have settled for Dickens. Oh, the wonders of technology and vanity programming. The photo, in case you’re curious, shows Shakespeare’s funerary monument.

The “I Write Like” news comes to us via Edward Champion and a post from Jason Booge at Galleycat. Attention, publishers. “I Write Like” says Jason can be a Dan Brown equivalent. So if you miss out on mass paperback rights to Scandals, you’ve still got an awesome commercial alternative.

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