Onswipe for iPad pretties up WordPress: Some glitches

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While this site exists partly to plug The Solomon Scandals novel about old-time newspapering, it’s also an experiment in online technology. iPad owners can see a snazzy magazine-style look from the Onswipe add-on for WordPress (described in detail in an independent blog post by my friend Nate Hoffelder). If you don’t own an iPad, click on the screenshot for a better view.

Of course, even the regular Scandals site is somewhat magazine-like. Not everything works in the Onswipe version of the site right now, alas. That’s why I’m presenting this just as an experiment and requiring iPad owners to follow a link to see the demo. For now, when used as a default, the Scandals site’s iPad-optimized incarnation does not link properly to items within "Similar Posts."

Rather, visitors return to the home page.  Why this unwanted redirect? I’ve tried a bunch of different Onswipe templates without luck—and even different WordPress templates. I’ve also had problems with other links to specific posts within the blog. And, at least without more work, not all the contents of the usual site are showing from the Onwipe version of the home page. I’d like visitors to be immediately able to see links to static pages, not just posts.

Furthermore, the Onswipe version might be having problems at times with immediate updates of my site. Yet another problem is that the setup menus can be a pain to deal with, at least with my browser (Chrome 19.0.1084.52). Still, it’s great to see Onswipe and others working to improve the aesthetics of the Web and especially WordPress. Ideally the Onswipe’s enhancements will eventually be enjoyable on many kinds and brands of machines.

Meanwhile I’d bet that Onswipe will squish the bugs, especially if they’re not limited to my site, running WordPress 3.3.2. Best of luck to Onswipe CEO Jason Baptise & crew! I’ll point them to this post.

Note: If you’re using an iPad and see this site with Onswipe by default despite what the above post says, that’s because I could be seeing if I can find a solution to the glitches. Update, 12:28 p.m. As I expected, Jason responded today to my plea for help, and I’m hoping for a quick fix. From what I gather, the problem could be limited to my setup. Would love to hear from other Onswipe users.

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